About Me (and the dogs)

Hey folks! Amanda Drewsen here!
A lot of you already know me, but here’s a little background for those of you who don’t!

I was born and raised in the Minocqua area. After moving away for school, I returned to the area in 2016 to work as a law enforcement officer. A couple years into my career, I was selected to be a k9 handler and received k9 stitch in February 0f 2019. K9 stitch and I attended an intensive 14-week training program in Minnesota. We remained a team for over 4 years until we switched gears and started operation k-911!!!

I am currently working on my certification through mountain made k9 out of billings, Montana. I am offering training in the following areas: basic obedience, advanced obedience, problem behaviors, agility, scent work, and tracking.

Operation k-911 has an impressive and impactful end goal. We would like to adopt dogs from our local shelters and train them to be service dogs! These dogs will then be donated to retired law enforcement and military veterans in need of a service animal. This goal cannot be accomplished without you though! Operation k-911 will utilize the training and experience we gain while working with you and your dogs to help the ones who deserve it most!

no bio would be complete without a little background on our k-911 mascots, Stitch and tj!!!

Stitch aka “the fur missile”

Stitch is a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois from the Czech Republic. He Is trained in narcotics detection, search & Track, and criminal apprehension. Stitch is also trained in basic & advanced obedience, agility, and scent work. Stitch and I annually certified through the national police canine association (NPCA) and trained to the NPCA and united states police canine association (uspca) standards. Stitch was an integral part of the sheriff’s office k9 program and contributed to several significant cases during his career.  Stitch will be one of the walking, talking, well…maybe I should say barking, tail-wagging canines of operation k-911!!!

TJ aka “the land hippo”

Tj is a 1-year-old pit bull mix that was found in a not-so-great situation with his litter mates. He was later rescued with the help of Northwoods animal alliance and adopted by me and my family in May of 2023! Tj has received minimal training up to this point as he will be going through certification with me. Our facebook and Instagram followers can see all the cool stuff tj and I will learn throughout our certification process, so if you haven’t yet followed us, please do! TJ will be the star of the show and set an example of how we can take a breed with a BAD REP and turn HIM INTO A GREAT DOG!